Members Win Awards!

I have an update on the accomplishments of our fellow members.
First, Katie represented our club wonderfully last Thursday at the Area Contest. She again shared her Tall Tale of Very, Very Scary Carryville. She ended up taking second place!! Congratulations Katie!! She will serve as an alternate if the first place contestant cannot attend the District contest. Speaking of the district contest it is in Eau Clare at CVTC on Saturday April 11 from 10:30 a.m. until about 12:30 p.m. Barb is looking for someone to represent our club by helping in a roll to make the contest successful. If you are able to help out please let me know, ASAP. Unfortunately, I have prior commitments that day and cannot attend.

Second, Joe has successfully completed his Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) Award and his Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award. DTM is the highest award given to Toastmasters. Joe has been working toward this award for many years. He has put a lot of hard work and commitment toward accomplishing this award. Congratulations Joe!!
Third, I recently finished my Competent Leader (CL) Award. The last thing I had to do was organize a club contest, so thank you to everyone who helped with the contest. This made planning and carrying out the club contest much easier.

Finally, we have had all our members stepping up and filling speaking roll and other rolls during meetings. Kallie has signed up to do her Ice Breaker at our next meeting! We have a few new members as well. We need three more new members by the end of June to meet Net 5 and meet requirements for distinguished club program.

President, Dr Andrea Schaefer

Author: NSPW Xcellence

NSPW Xcellence builds communication, leadership and life skills using Toastmasters' results-proven programs in a self-paced, positive learning environment!

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