I was informed  by Barbara Weisenberger that we WON first place for best brochure in the TM District contest!

Here are the results:


Best Club Guest Packet Entries:     1st – Madison Achievers
2nd – Thriving Communicators
3rd — Plymouth TM

Honorable Mention:  Deere Tales

Best Club Brochure/Flyer Entries:  1st – NSPW Xcellence
2nd – TM Leadership Club (90 pts)
3rd – ROK the Talk Club (85 pts)

Best News Article:                               1st – Deere Tales TM (90 pts)
2nd – NSPW Xcellence (85 pts)
3rd – Tie:  Plymouth TM & Reedsburg (75 pts)

Thanks go out to our entire club for “getting the word out” about our club.



Author: NSPW Xcellence

NSPW Xcellence builds communication, leadership and life skills using Toastmasters' results-proven programs in a self-paced, positive learning environment!

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