Area Director: Brenda Michels   Officers: Joe Gravelle, Nick Foiles, Kallie Quinn, Tim Burns, Dr Andrea Franklin

“Toastmasters made me face my fear of public speaking. I’ve been able to participate in different roles and attend training to learn skills to help me be more successful…I’ve also been on both ends of giving and receiving feedback which I believe will continue to help me on my journey of becoming a self-confident speaker.”

Danielle Michels

“Toastmasters has improved my confidence in my ability to get up in front of a group of people and share my knowledge in a clear, concise and entertaining fashion.   Toastmasters has also improved my one on one communication with my patients.  I have learned listening carefully is equally as important as what I say.”

Dr Andrea Franklin

“I have witnessed the positive changes in both the personal life and careers of many different Toastmasters.”

Gene Radtke

“Toastmasters will change the way you communicate with others, professionally and personally. The voice that was lying dormant within you, due to shyness or lack of confidence, will emerge, and when it does, you will be changed, forever!”

Tim Burns
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